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Vote for Us Today!

We at Technology Center appreciate your business and support and would like to invite you to nominate us as the best Home Electronics Store of 2022!

In order to ensure you have the easiest and quickest experience submitting your vote, please follow the instructions listed below:

1) Click the link provided at the bottom of the page or Click Here!

2) Scroll down the voting page until you locate the Shopping tab on the left. Click to open the tab.

3) Locate and click on the Home Electronics Store category.

4) You should now see Home Electronics Store with a green Nominate button. Click there and it should provide you with several places to enter your information. 

5) Enter Technology Center in the Nomination box. 

6) Fill out the remaining boxes.

7) After submitting your information into each appropriate box, click the green Nominate button at the bottom and your submission should be registered.

Thank you for your time and support.

Use the link below to begin your nomination now!

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