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Scams Blog

This is a page where we blog about known recent scams to keep our customers informed and protected. If you have been scammed or know of someone who has contact us with the form at the bottom of the page. Helpful information includes:

  • method of contact (e-mail, phone, etc.),

  • what they asked you to do or what information they asked you to provide

  • whether it was a live person you talked to or a pre-recorded message

List of Scams

  • 10/17- Employee received a phone call and text simultaneously from"refund department of your computer company." Employee asked "What company is that?", they reply with "Your computer company." The best way to confirm this scam is to keep asking what the name of their company is. Usually they just hang up when you press the question.

  • 8/1-Pre-recorded message saying that Microsoft/Windows will lock your account/computer if you don't call back to provide information. Microsoft will never call you unprompted asking for personal information.

  • 6/1-Pre-recorded message saying that you are required to pay money that you owe to the IRS immediately or you will be arrested/detained. The IRS will always communicate through certified mail with anything pertaining to this type of issue.

  • 10/22- E-mail scam that prompts you in the subject line of the e-mail with a password that may be legitimate. After grabbing your attention they go on to threaten you with leaking personal information unless you pay them in Bitcoin. They claim that they posses personal information that they took from your computer with malware.

  • 10/24- Malware Scam: When you launch Microsoft Edge you will be prompted to enter your Windows user name and password. It prompts you with an alert from "Microsoft" that you have a virus and they have blocked your computer. It goes on to say that your Windows key is illegal and that you're using pirated software. You should never enter any credentials unless you have initiated the process to do so.